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Babson Boston Campus
Babson Campus
    Arthur M. Blank Center
        Video Conference Room
    Babson Executive Conference Center
        BEE Conference Room
        Bottom Line Lounge
        Deerfield Common
        Dogwood Courtyard
        Fireside Living Room
        Maple Courtyard
        Mystic A
        Mystic B
        Overlook Dining Room
        St. Lawrence
        St. Lawrence A
        St. Lawrence B
        Telepresence Room
        Woodland Dining Room
        Woodside Living Room
    Babson Hall
    Barefoot Park
    Bryant Hall
    Canfield Hall
    Coleman Hall
    Coleman Parking Lot
    Cruickshank Alumni Hall
        Alumni Hall Patio
    Forest Hall
    Gerber Hall
    Glavin Family Chapel
        Glavin Patio
    Hollister Hall
    Hollister Parking Lot
    Horn Library
        Horn Plaza
        Jamie Horner Lounge
        Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance
    Keith Hall
    Knight Auditorium
    Knight Parking Lot
    Kriebel Hall
    Luksic Hall
    Lunder Parking Lot
    Malloy Hall
    Mandell Family Hall
    McCullough Hall
    Millea Hall
    Mustard Hall
    Nichols Hall
    Olin Hall
        Computer Lab
        Dean's Conference Room
        Markey Commons
        Needham Room
        Needham/Wellesley Room
        Olin Auditorium
        Wellesley Room
    Park Manor Central
        Band Room
        Roger's Pub
    Park Manor North
    Park Manor South
        Goff Suite
    Pietz Hall
    Post Office
    President's House
    Publishers Hall
    Putney Hall
    Reynolds Campus Center
        Dining Room
        Global Lounge
        Main Street
    Sorenson Center for the Arts
        Carling-Sorenson Theater
        Main Lobby
        Sandra L. Sorenson Rehearsal Studio
        Upper Lobby
    Sorenson Family Visual Arts Center
        Student Gallery Trim
        Trim 215
        Trim 216
        Trim 221
        Trim 222
    Sullivan Building
    Tomasso Hall
    Trim Dining Hall
        Faculty Dining Room
        Horizon Room
        Main Dining Room
    Trim Parking Lot
    Van Winkle Hall
    Webster Athletic Center
        Alumni Field
        Babson Skating Center
        Chandor Dance Studio
        Farwell Tennis Courts
        Govoni Field
        Hartwell-Rogers Field
        Isbrandtsen Field
        MacDowell Field
        Morse Swimming Center
        PepsiCo Pavilion
        Peterson Study Center
        Rugby Pitch
        Staake Gymnasium
    Woodland Hill
Babson San Francisco Campus
College of William & Mary
    The Mason School of Business Center for Corporate Education
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Off Campus
Wellesley College
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